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Hello? [Apr. 7th, 2007|10:46 pm]
Weight Watchers who are Gluten Free


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Anyone still here? I just started back on WW to lose some weight - long overdue, had the baby a year and a half ago. I was wondering if anyone else was struggling with it?

[User Picture]From: simsabalim
2007-04-08 06:46 pm (UTC)
I think a lot of celiacs are struggling with weight. But this community, sadly, isn't very active. I'd love if it were.

Also, I wasn't thrilled with either the Flex or Core Plan. I don't think I'll follow the WW programme, because it doesn't pay attention to any of the non-gluten grains. I've been looking at the South Beach Diet, and it seems much more appropriate for a GF diet.
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[User Picture]From: catgeek
2007-04-09 12:48 am (UTC)
Hi, there. Welcome. I'm sorry I haven't been very active at all here lately. I've had way too many biofamily issues going on, and while they're no where near being resolved, I'll try to do better at participating here.

I should have posted here that I did make my lifetime goal this past January! I started last March at 198.2 (i'm 5'6") and set a goal of 148. I hit that (finally) in December and went through my 6 weeks of maintenance to reach lifetime mid-January. I've stayed pretty much 144 - 146 since then. And it's been great!

I started doing Flex, but switched to Core last fall. I use some gluten-free grains such as brown rice, kasha (buckwheat), and quinoa, which are all Core, usually to make a week's worth of portions to pull out for convenient meals--just add some chicken and veggies, and it's a great Core meal. Breakfast is two eggs (Core), Stoneyfield fat-free plain yogurt with a dash of cinnamon for flavor (Core), and fruit such as a banana, strawberries, apple, or orange (Core). I've recently started adding a glass of OJ back in for breakfast, since I can afford to spend the 2 points for it.

On Core I can have hamburgers (94-96% fat free is Core) and a Gillian's French roll for a bun (2 points). 94% fat free ground turkey is Core, so I fry up a pound or two and portion it out into cup containers. I've gotten used to Kraft fat free cheese -- 0 points and two slices is a dairy serving.

Oh, and 94% fat free popcorn is a Core snack! Newman has some but it's not seasoned at all--I'd add my own butter spray and salt. I recently discovered Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter Flavor is great! and GF!!

Most of the recipes and products people share at my WW meetings aren't even close to GF. But it really is possible to do both--I'm living proof of that!

Maybe we can jumpstart this community again. I'll try to stop by more often, and maybe we can get more participation.
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From: wildflower1129
2007-08-24 04:03 am (UTC)
Hello all! I'm glad to find this community. I've been struggling to accept that I need to eat gluten free for the past few months. And I just joined Weight Watchers a few days ago. I really don't want to count points, so I'm trying the Core plan. It's good to hear some good experiences with this! I really don't like to cook, so I'm looking for some fairly simple food ideas.

For example, would anyone be willing to post their food list for a typical day? Thanks so much!

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[User Picture]From: catgeek
2007-08-24 12:15 pm (UTC)
Welcome! I'm afraid this community is kind of quiet, but maybe this will help us kick it into gear.

I started on Flex, because I needed to learn portion sizes. Now I'm on Core and have been for a while. I'm also lifetime, so I'm on maintenance, which means I can eat a bit more than when I was trying to lose (BTW, I lost 50 pounds total). My first few weeks on Core were rough, but I've changed my eating patterns and it's doable now. You might choose to try Flex for a while and go back and forth between the two plans if you hit a plateau or just to see what the differences are.

With all that said, a typical daily menu:
Breakfast: fat-free plain yogurt (Stonyfield Farm, which is also organic (I sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on for flavor)), 2 eggs, 8 oz. OJ (2 points), fruit of some sort -- apple, banana, pineapple, canteloupe.

Mid-morning snack: JollyTime Healthy Pop 94% fat-free microwave popcorn and/or fruit

Lunch: Red, orange, green pepper slices sauteed in olive oil -- add a pouch of Starkist Chunk Light tuna in water, 2 slices of Kraft fat-free cheese, fruit

Mid-afternoon snack: JollyTime Healthy Pop 94% fat-free microwave popcorn and/or fruit and/or baby carrots (10 to a serving--I usually have 2 servings)

Dinner: 99% fat-free hamburger patty, Gillian's French Roll as a bun (2 points), 2 slices of Kraft fat-free cheese (I'm 50--I'm supposed to have 3 daily servings a day), steamed broccoli, fruit

Evening snack: herbal tea, cookies (4-6 points, depending on how I feel). Cookies are one of the gluten-free brands--many of them are 1 point per cookie. I lay the cookies out on a small, special plate and try to eat them slowly to savor them. :-)

Anyone else?
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From: wildflower1129
2007-08-28 01:30 am (UTC)
Thanks for the response! Congratulations for losing all that weight!

That's exactly what I was looking for, specific menu ideas. I might possibly switch to flex in the near future..I get weighed tomorrow so I'll see how I do.

By the way, is all popcorn gluten free, or just that specific brand?

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